rockleigh-country-club-nj-wedding-photographer-best059 Natalie and Omar celebrated their marriage at the beautiful Rockleigh Country Club. We'd become close friends, after I brought my wife along to dinner during some of our planning and I felt comfortable catching some of the most intimate moments throughout the day . Continuing on to the reception afterwords, everything was beautiful, the decor, her dress, all the way up to the smile on friends and family,rockleigh-country-club-nj-wedding-photographer-best002 rockleigh-country-club-nj-wedding-photographer-best003

wedding-arizona-best-wedding-photographer19Family and friends from all over the country gathered in scenic Villa Siena,Gilbert, Arizona for Allie and Gabe’s wedding. Having grown up in the area, the location was filled with sentiment for the bride. A lively couple by nature, the night was full of excitement and surprises. The groom’s brother took on multiple roles as both Best Man and DJ, and the groom himself took the spotlight as MC, pumping up the party as the evening progressed. wedding-arizona-best-wedding-photographer02 wedding-arizona-best-wedding-photographer03


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