They say Disney is “where dreams come true,” but Mike capturing my wedding day proved otherwise.

- Vanessa+Mike Pennino

I do my best to provide my couples with memories, laughs, and emotions that they will want to share for years to come. I dedicate my time to transforming each set of images into a story, something that will remind them of the joy each moment brought, and allow them to hold on to that. A physical expression of their most cherished memories. An investment.

By only taking on a limited amount of clients each year, I am free to focus on each job with the entirety of my time and provide an experience and level of quality that would not otherwise be possible. Both the couples I work for and I each are investing in something that can be appreciated long after the wedding is over.

To put together a package that best suits your needs, please arrange a meet up so I can get to know you in person.


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