Michael J. Ramos

I was born in Miami, FL and raised in the shadow of the New York skyline. The city provides a large creative outlet for me and is one of my favorite places to work; there is so much texture, so much livelihood within New York. When I photograph couples in the side streets of Chelsea or in the parks of Brooklyn, there is just so much life that makes for the most beautiful pictures.

I enjoying finding the moments between couples that will make memories, little details that make my pictures personal, make them full of depth. It brings me happiness to know that my work will be shown as an heirloom of someone’s wedding day. Coming from a big and close-knit Cuban family, I understand the importance of having something to share, with family both now and in the future.

I relate a lot to my own experiences, drawing inspiration from my own wedding. Since being married to my wife, I see clearer the importance of moments, rather than just images. The memories that I hold onto are the same ones I want to capture for my couples.

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